Ravaged By Time

Immortalising strange and eerie  stories from Twyllingdale through audio dramas, theatre and film. 

The Story of the Undiscovered Suitcase 

It’s Christmas Eve in 1944. Children should be excited about Santa arriving, but instead they’re fearing for their lives. The town of Twyllingdale is bombed and many lives are lost.

In an air raid shelter in Twyllingdale, Imogen is supposed to be caring for soldiers and civilians, except Imogen isn’t your average auxillarynurse. She has a gory secret and is desperate to get away before anyone finds out what it is.

Written by Katherine McDermott 

Directed by Sian Berry

Featuring the voices of Elaine Smith, David Few and Katherine McDermott 

Produced by Bamalam Productions

Illustration by Laura Crow 

Ravaged By Time

A ghost story for Levenshulme Fringe 2020

Nature’s beauty cannot mask the deathly hell………”

A body exhumed and a beheading. Lady Bradshaw will never rest and will forever desire revenge. Revenge at all costs.

Charles 2nd is King and he wants revenge against the men who tried and beheaded his dear father Charles 1st.  So he exhumes the body of John Bradshaw and beheads him. Lady Bradshaw witnesses the brutality and takes matters into her own hands with gory consequences.

Set in an autumn evening in Twyllingdale, a campfire is burning bright, a beautiful dusk and a captivating story teller, Ravaged By Time tells the horrors of one fateful night in 1661. A modern day folk horror story!

Written by Katherine McDermott 

Directed by Sian Berry

Filmed by Sian Berry 


Story Teller – Emma Fernell

May Day

Twyllingdale welcomes you to their most favourite time of the year - MAY DAY! Parades, bands and their famous circus, Twyllingdale wants to amaze and astound you, but not everything is at it seems....

Written by Katherine McDermott 

Directed by Sian Berry


David Few - Narrator

Emma Fernell - Nell

Elaine Smith - Helen

David Jones as the Clown, Manager and Stranger

Sian Berry as Kitty

Katherine McDermott - Emily

Produced by Bamalam Productions 

Illustrations by Laura Crow

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Ravaged By Time is being previewed througout the festival on Youtube from the 22nd to the 31st October 

Dates and Times of when you can hear Story of the Undiscovered Suitcase 

It will be on 96.9 FM on Friday 23rd at 3pm, Tuesday 27th at 9am, Wednesday 28th at 9am

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